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Short  History and Main Research Activities

Economic Research Institute, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded as an independent division on July 1, 1976 in accordance with the Resolution of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences No 480On  Organization of Economic Research Institute, Far-Eastern Scientific Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences from May 27, 1976”.

From the very beginning the Institute was focused on the organization of economic science in the Far East, systematic study of the social-economic processes happeningin the region that is important not only for Russia, but also for all Northeast Asia. Leading experts in many areas of economic science work in the laboratories of the Institute. The general specialization of the Institute is the research of problems and prospects of economic-social development of the Far Eastern economic region, the research of problems of economic cooperation with foreign countries in the Pacific Rim. While creating the Institute was also focused on the organization and coordination of economic research in the Far East, training of the highly-qualified specialists through postgraduate study at the Institute.

The corresponding member of RAS Pavel G. Bunich was a director-organizer of the Institute in 1971-1975. At various stages of formation and development the Institute was headed by well-known scientists-economists: Doctor of Economics, ProfessorGeorgiy L. Tarasov (1976-1978), corresponding member of RAS  Valeriy P. Chichkanov (1979-1986), Doctor of Geography, Professor (now Academician of RAS) Petr Ya.Baklanov (1987-1991). Since 1991 the director of the Institute is the Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pavel A.Minakir.

Main scientific directions of the Institute:

The topics of scientific research of the Institute were approved by the resolution of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences from May 13, 2008 No. 343.

The main activities of the Institute are:

- Scientific bases of the concept of social-economic development strategy of the Russian Federation’s eastern regions;

- Forecasting of Russia’s social-economic development in a territorial section;

- Transformation of Russia’s social-economic space. Social-economic policy in the eastern regions of the Russian Federation. Sustainable development of subjects of the Federation - the Far East and Transbaikalia.

- The international economic cooperation of the Russian Federation and the Far Eastern Federal district with the countries of Northeast Asia. Economic integration of the Far Eastern Federal district (within the national economy, CIS Countries and NEA)

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