Minakir Pavel Aleksandrovich


Academic degree, academic rank: Doctor of Economics, Academician RAS


Address: 153 Tikhookeanskaya street, Khabarovsk, 680042, Russia

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Research Interests:

  • Theoretical and applied problems of regional economy
  • Theory and methodology of spatial economics
  • Economy of the Russian Far East
  • International economic cooperation of the Pacific Rim countries


The author has more than 470 scientific works published in Russia and abroad, in Australia, China, Korea, the USA, Japan, India, Vietnam, France, Great Britain. The most important publications are:

  • Economic Development of the Region: Program Approach. Moscow: Nauka. 1983.
  • System Transformations in Economy. Vladivostok: Dalnauka. 2001. 536 p.
  • Regions’ Economics: Russian Far East. Moscow: Economy. 2006. 848 p.
  • Financial Crises in Emerging Markets. Moscow: Nauka. 2007. 215 p. (co-authored with Goryunova N.P.).
  • Regional Economic Dynamics. Far East. Khabarovsk: ERI Russian Academy of Sciences, 2010, 304 p. (co-authored with Prokapalo O.M.).
  • Essays on Spatial Economics. Khabarovsk: ERI FEB RUS, 2014, 272 p. (co-authored with Demyanenko A.N.).
  • Regional Social and Economic Researches: Theory and Practice. Economic Science of Modern Russia. 2002. № 1 (8).
  • Strategy of the Far East and Trans-Baikal Development till 2010. Region: Economy and Sociology. 2002, №. 3, pp. 34–66 (co-authored with Mikheeva N.N.).
  • World Economic Crisis: Theoretical and Applied Aspects. The Bulletin of FEB RAS. 2009. № 4. (co-authored with Goryunov A.P.)
  • Spatial Economics: The Evolution of Approaches and Methodology. Spatial Economics. 2010. № 2. (co-authored with Demyanenko A.N.)
  • The Impact of the Global Crisis on the Strategy of Spatial Socioeconomic Development of the Russian Federation. Regional Research of Russia. 2011. Vol. 1. No. 1. (co-authored with Granberg A.G., Mikheeva N.N., Ershov U.S., Kuleshov V.V., Seliverstov V.E., Suslov V.I., Suspitsyn S.A.)
  • Technological and Economic Approaches in Long-term Regional Forecasting. European Journal of Economic Studies. 2012. № 4. (co-authored with Vlasyuk L.I., Goryunov A.P.)
  • The Spatial Analysis in the Economy.  New Economic Association Journal. 2013. № 2.
  • Spatial Interdisciplinary Synthesis: Experience of Program Researches. Region: Economy and Sociology. 2014. № 4.           
  • Regional long-term forecasts: A synthesis of technological and economic approaches. Studies on Russian Economic Development. 2013. №2. (co-authored with Vlasyuk L.I.)
  • Regional Strategies and Imperial Ambitions. Spatial Economics. 2015. №4.
  • Spatial Interdisciplinary Synthesis: Experience of Policy Studies. Regional Research of Russia. vol. 5. № 4. 2015.
  • Far Eastern Direction of Spatial Economics. The World of Transformations. 2016. №4.
  • Russian Far East: Economic Phobias and Geopolitical Ambitions. ECO. 2017. №4. (co-authored with Prokapalo O.M.)

Grants and Contests (2012-2016):

  • Grant of RFBR (the Russian Foundation for Basic Research) No. 12-01-00024 «Optimum control of expected trajectories of socio-economic development of Russia’s regions». Chief.
  • Grant of RHSF (the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund) No. 11-02-00566a «Spatial economics: synthesis of socio-economic and scientific and technological forecasts (theory, methodology, methods)». Chief.
  • Grant RHSF No. 12-32-06001a «Russian Arctic: modern paradigm of development». Chief.
  • Grant RHSF No. 13-02-00011a «Problems of evolution recurrence of economic space: theoretical and applied aspects». Chief.
  • Program of basic researches of Presidium RAS «Fundamental problems of spatial development of the Russian Federation: interdisciplinary synthesis». Executive.
  • ERI Russian Academy of Sciences project No. 12-1-P31-03 «Interaction of economic macroregions in the course of modernization of Russia: Far East». Chief.
  • ERI Russian Academy of Sciences project No. 12-1-P34-01 «Long-term forecast innovative component of the concept of the Russian Far East’s new industrialization». Chief.
  • ERI Russian Academy of Sciences project No. 12-1-P35-01 «Economy of science and education: the Russian Far East». Chief.
  • ERI Russian Academy of Sciences project No. 12-1-OOH-01 «A modernization vector of economic security strategy of the Russian Far East». Chief.
  • ERI Russian Academy of Sciences project No. 12-1-OGPMO-01 «Formation of the subglobal pole of economic growth in Northeast Asia: role of Russia and the Far East». Chief.
  • ERI Russian Academy of Sciences project No. 12-II-SU-10-017 «Factors and mechanisms of socio-economic development acceleration of Russia’s regions». Chief.
  • ERI Russian Academy of Sciences project No. 12-II-UO-10-018 «Energy security of Russia’s regions: Ural and Far East». Chief.
  • ERI Russian Academy of Sciences project No. 12-II-UO-10-019 «Socio-economic development of the region: forecasting and optimum control». Chief.
  • Projects «Economic and ecological aspects of developing arctic regions of the Russian Far East». Program of basic researches of Presidium RAS «Search fundamental scientific research on behalf of developing the arctic zone of Russia». Executive.
  • RFBR Grant № 15-06-04959.«Effects of economic interactions in regional systems «center – periphery»». Chief.
  • Project № 15-I-8-003. «Imitational modeling of interindustrial interactions in Far East with in-built mechanisms of coordinating economic agents’ interests». Chief.
  • RHSF Project №:16-02-00300/15. «Integration and fragmentation processes in the economic space of Russia». Chief


  • 1988 – Seattle. Harvard University, University of Washington. The USA. East-West Center, Honolulu.
  • 1994 – Sorbonne-4 University (France)
  • 1999 – Princeton University (USA)
  • 1993-2001 – Hokkaido University (Japan)
  • 1997-2012, 2014, 2017 – Economic Research Institute ROTOBO (Japan)
  • 2013, 2015 – Institute of International Studies at Monterey (USA)


  • Title «Honorary Professor» of University of Economics and Management (St. Petersburg) (2011)
  • Award of the Rising Sun (Japan) (2006)
  • The National Award named after Minin and Pozharsky «To the Worthy Citizen from Grateful Russia» (2006)
  • Award «For Merits in the Development of Cooperation in the Japanese sea region» (Japan) (2005)
  • N.N. Kondratyev Silver medal (2004)
  • Title «Honorary Professor» of Heilongjiang Academy of Social sciences (People's Republic of China) (2001)
  • Medal of the Order «For Merits to the Fatherland», 2th class (1999)
  • Honorary Badge of the Order of Andrew the First-Called (1998)
  • Silver medals of VDNH USSR (1982, 1984)
  • Khabarovsk Komsomol Prize (1979, 1983)
  • Honorary Diplomas with Gratitude of President’s Representative in the Far Eastern Federal District, Khabarovsk Krai Governor, Legislative Duma of Khabarovsk krai, Khabarovsk mayor


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