Leonov Sergey Nikolaevich


Academic degree, academic rank: Doctor of Economics, Professor


Address: 153 Tikhookeanskaya street, Khabarovsk, 680042, Russia

Phone: (4212) 72-52-30

Fax: (4212) 22-59-16

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Research Interests:

  • Regional economics and regional politics
  • Regional finance and interbudgetary relations
  • The Russian Far East economy


More than 250 scientific works have been published including 14 author and 19 collective monographs and published abroad (in China, Republic of Korea, USA, Japan). The most important publications in are the following:

  • Leonov S.N., Barabash E.S. Problems and Mechanisms of Implementing Regional Policies. Moscow: Ruscience. 2016. 160 p.
  • Leonov S.N., Barabash E.S. Intermunicipal Cooperation: Potential and Mechanism of Implementation. Khabarovsk: KSAEL. 2013. 188 p.
  • Leonov S.N., Sidorenko O.V. Foreign Experience of Regional Management. Khabarovsk. 2011. 144 p.
  • Leonov S.N., Korsunski B.L., Barabash E.S. Regional Economy and Management: Far Eastern Economy. Vladivostok: Dalnauka. 2007. 176 p.
  • Leonov S.N., Korsunski B.L. Managing the Development of a Problematic Region. 2006. 272 p.
  • Leonov S.N., Kazantseva T.V. Interbudgetary relations at a subject of federation level. Vladivostok: Dalnauka. 2006. 152 p.
  • Leonov S.N. Credit Rating of a Region. 2003. 144 p.
  • Leonov S.N., Korsunski B.L. Depressive Zone in Transitional Economy. Vladivostok: Dalnauka. 1999. 155 p.
  • Leonov S.N. Regional Economical Politics in Transitional Economy. Vladivostok: Dalnauka. 1998. 205 p.
  • Grants and Contests (2012-2017):
  • RHSF Grant № 12-32-06001а. «The Russian Arctic: modern paradigm of development». Executive.
  • RHSF Grant «Economics of technical progress in the sectors of high technology of China from crisis to crisis». Chief.
  • RAS Program of Basic Research 44П “Search fundamental scientific research on behalf of developing the arctic zone of Russia”. Executive.


  • 2017 – The Winner of VII International Professional Contest among University Teachers “Pedagogical Discovery: University – 2017”
  • 2012, 2014 – The Winner of «The Golden Fund of National Science» in the nomination «The Best Educational Publication in the Branch»
  • 2008 – Honorary Title «Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation»
  • 2007 – The Winner of the First Far Eastern competition for the best educational work «University Book»
  • 2007 – The Medal «For Valiant Labor»
  • 2007 – Honorary Diploma of Educational and Methodological Association of Russian Universities on Education in Management
  • 2006, 2007 – The Winner of «The Best Scientific Book» Contests
  • 2005, 2010 – Honorary Diplomas of the Governor of Khabarovsk Krai
  • 1999 – Honorary Diploma of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Labor Union of RAS workers
  • 1987 – Khabarovsk Komsomol Prize


  • 1999 – Osaka University of Economics and law (Osaka, Japan)
  • 1997 – Monterey Institute of International Studies (Monterey, USA)
  • 1995 – Planning Agency of Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 1992–1993 – Government of Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe, Japan)


153 Tikhookeanskaya Street,




Tel: +7 (4212) 725-225;

Fax: +7 (4212) 225-916.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.